The concept and delivery of a team of peripatetic health and social care professionals, delivering truly high-class care and support functions to care establishments across the West Midlands. Highly trained, developed and motivated professionals adding significant value to any setting. The future of health and social care… this is not agency. 

About Fairway Homecare

Fairway are not an agency. We are a Care Quality Commission regulated care provider of peripatetic health and social care professionals, delivering significant quality to your care setting to help improve standards, drive up quality and motivate staff. 

We are not an off the shelf “temp agency”, we are a significant USP for your business and we are bed fillers not shift fillers. Fairology is the concept and ethos of growing and developing an entire workforce of professionals who are the best trained staff in the industry, using a wide variety of training methods including ground breaking Virtual Reality tools and a fully equipped Skills Lab which allows us to create a family of health and social care professionals, who are motivated to make a difference. 

Fairology is providing the cream of the crop to the health and social care sector and smashing the age old view of bums on seats agency care and nursing staff to just cover a shift.  A highly developed IT infrastructure means state of the art real time worker tracking software, to the second billing and complete transparency of where staff are at any time. In addition, all health and social care professionals come with a suite of training and qualifications that won’t be bettered, all are continually developed and refreshed via paid for training and career development is hugely promoted.

Exclusive contracts of employment mean unique offers of flexibility and security to staff as well as performance incentives to guarantee availability and coverage.

To instil and promote best practice, to demonstrate a caring vocational attitude and to help to create a positive working environment. 

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