Ground Breaking Training Programmes

Working in partnership with the Embark Learning Care Academy, Fairway have exciting plans to continue to grow our workforce throughout 2020-2021. As proud members of the #1000 campaign, we are committed to joining forces to help create 1000 new health and social care professionals over the next 18 months.

This ensures that we maintain our position as one of the most resourced care providers in the region with a string of highly developed trained professionals joining the team regularly throughout 2020 and beyond to meet the demands of our clients. This ensures even higher fill rates, even quicker response and even higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The future is Fairology.

These staff are not agency staff they are Fairway health and social care professionals.

Growing our own since 2014

Since the exciting inception of “My Care Portfolio” in 2014, Fairway have invested in a unique 4-week training programme partnership that has provided employer ready skills to health and social care professionals throughout the region. Targeting vocational individuals with a passion for caring for others, the My Care Portfolio programme has been a staggering success. 

To date, over 500 care staff have been trained and developed though the programme and in 2019-20, over 55% of Fairway staff are completely home grown and developed. Some 125,000 hours of care will be delivered this year alone by West Midlands citizens who were not care staff previously, offering unrivalled opportunity to many who were hard to reach, disenfranchised, long term unemployed, lost or looking for something new. 

My Care Portfolio has rewarded these individuals with a career pathway, a journey to develop their natural care instincts and abilities, tapping in to their personal life experiences to produce health and social care professionals trained with the very best and most up to date working practices and methodologies. Achieving fully accredited qualifications and over 200 guided learning hours of teaching. Staff come Care Certificate ready and fully trained to deliver top level on the job performance.