Fairway Trailblazers

Trailblazers are fully qualified trained and developed healthcare professionals fully employed and developed by Fairway.

Specialist care staff of the highest quality, supplied not to just fill a shift but improve the quality and bring a level of expertise and attitude to any environment.

Trailblazers are not just an average agency carer sent in to fill a shift, they are professionals, developed and employed to provide a higher level of service and quality to every care environment.

, they ensure that Fairway staff are no longer seen as shift fillers but as bed fillers by raising the quality of care delivered on any shift in any home. Peripatetic healthcare professionals supplied to the sector to improve quality overall. Providing feedback on the staff they work with, best practice and up to date information advice and guidance.

Fairway Trailblazers are the next level of healthcare staff and are a direct response to "pile it high sell it cheap" agency provision. We have a mission to eradicate poor quality care staff from the sector and have invested heavily in training and recruitment to ensure that our workforce will be developed over the coming years to ensure that when you require assistance and support for uncovered shifts, you will not receive just a body and a compliance tick box candidate, you will receive a fully trained and quality healthcare professional with a fully auditable training record, employed exclusively by Fairway and working to raise standards of care based on safety, dignity, respect and loving care.