January Employee of the Month – Augusta!

Congratulations to our peripatetic healthcare professional, Augusta! Throughout December, Augusta was able to pick up extra work whenever in need and remained positive throughout the month. She is lovely to speak to, is flexible, understanding and as a team we are very proud of the difference she has made to services.

Our Branch Manager, Alice commented that “I have nominated Augusta as being our employee of the month because the moment she cleared, she went straight into work at a home which was in crisis with all staff and all residents testing positive for Covid-19. Her night shifts in Harborne meant that she was having to leave her home in Coventry at 17:30 to get to work for 20:00 to start, she was then working a 12 hour shift in very difficult conditions, travelling home again on public transport back to Coventry. She worked several shifts back to back, never complaining and giving positive feedback throughout. She has since worked at various other services and we have received great feedback for her.”

We have received excellent client feedback that “Augusta was great support to us throughout our outbreak and always remained professional and respected our home policies and procedures throughout her time with us. Augusta responded really well to our residents especially with one lady, who she developed a wonderful rapport with! Well done Augusta, very well deserved!”

Keep up the excellent work, thank you for your wonderful efforts and support Augusta!


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